A Simple Introduction to Agile Performance Management and 360-Degree Feedback Surveys

24 February 2020
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If you're researching better management strategies for your company, then you're sure to have come across the buzz phrase 'agile performance management' during your search. This management strategy is being hailed as the future of performance management and has been adopted by some huge corporations. If you've read a little about agile performance management, then '360-degree feedback survey' will likely be another term that has made it onto your radar. Talk of this strategy and tool can get very deep and technical. If you're looking for a simpler introduction to both, read on.  

What Is Agile Performance Management?

Agile performance management is a strategy of employee management that relies on continuous monitoring of performance using regular anonymous feedback surveys alongside continual employee development. This type of management is becoming ever popular as the flaws of traditional management become increasingly apparent—once-yearly performance appraisals with their sparse feedback and coaching make development difficult for both managers and staff.

The regular feedback that is utilised in agile performance management is matched with communication and coaching—a collaboration is formed between management and employee, and goals are set together. This approach has shown impressive results when it comes to the growth of employees and companies—goals set are more likely to be achieved when the employee has participated in the setting of the goal. Additionally, goals can be aligned with changes that take place within a company throughout the year.

What Are 360-Degree Feedback Surveys?

One of the tools utilised in agile performance management is 360-degree feedback surveys. This process enables employees to get anonymous, confidential feedback from colleagues such as peers and managers. A mixture of people will fill out anonymous feedback forms that include questions relating to a range of competencies within the workplace. The forms may include questions that are answered using a rating scale as well as questions that require written comments. Employees will also complete a self-assessment survey of an identical structure. 360-degree surveys are not simply for employees. Manager 360 surveys can be a useful tool for management development within a company.

Are Special Tools Needed for Agile Performance Management and 360-Degree Surveys?

It is possible to implement elements of agile performance management without spending money on software—you will simply have regular performance discussions and offer continual feedback. However, as easy as this sounds, when you're overseeing many aspects of a business, it can be difficult to add this on a day-to-day or even monthly basis. Performance management software can help schedule check-ins and keep track of goals and achievements while also facilitating the exchange of anonymous feedback in real time. It will automatically tabulate results from 360-degree surveys and present them in an easy-to-understand format that helps manager and employee set goals and create development plans. With many software options available, you should be able to find one that fits your company's budget.

To learn more, contact a company that conducts 360-degree feedback surveys.