A Guide On How To Choose A Migration Agent

20 February 2020
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Are you looking for a migration agent? Maybe you want to visit or relocate to another country. Below are a few considerations to make when hiring a migration agent. 


You want an agent that delivers. Therefore, seek the opinions of previous customers. Check the agent's social media pages, Google My Business listing and website to know the experiences of people who have used the agent's services in the past.


The agent should be highly professional. As a rule of thumb, avoid agents that do not respond to your inquiries on time. There is a high probability that they will behave in the same manner once you hire them. The agent should have adequate experience. Preferably, he or she should specialise in the country you intend to travel to. The agent must also have a practising licence allowing him or her to provide immigration services in your state.

The agent should be affiliated with professional organisations such as the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). It is a guarantee that he or she will observe the code of conduct. Further, the professional body will handle any complaints you may have against the agent. The agent should also have professional liability coverage to safeguard you from financial losses caused by his or her negligence.

Conflict of Interest

Know what you are committing to. Some agents will ask you to live in specific hotels or work with certain employment agencies because they receive a commission for each referral. A professional agent should provide unbiased consultation services. Further, he or she should be ready to disclose a conflict of interest.


The agent will handle sensitive documents such as your identification documents, bank records and health records. As such, inquire what measures the agent will take to ensure malicious individuals do not access the documents. For instance, most agents have secure lockers or safes where they keep client documents. These documents are either destroyed or returned to the client once the agent finishes his or her work. 


Thoroughly evaluate the agent's quote before signing with him or her. The agent should disclose visa application fees and his or her professional fees. If possible, ask for a fixed quote to avoid hidden and extra charges. Some agents provide a free first consultation. During this time, the agent will examine whether you qualify for the visa. If not, you will no longer need the agent's services. 

When hiring a migration agent, examine his or her reputation, professionalism, probability of conflict of interest, data protection measures and pricing.